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PT. Bestari Mulia

PT. Bestari Mulia (the “Company”) involvement in the Polyurethane Foam industry in Indonesia commenced in the 2008 with the production of prepolymer based polyether foams. The Company was at the forefront of introducing and developing this product under the brand name “Royal Foam”

We make the world softer, more comfortable, and more perform. We are passionately shaping its future. As one of the largest Polyurethane Foam supplier, we feel inspired and obliged to continue this pround tradition with revolutionary foam technologies and high-quality products.

Our philosophy is clear : we perform our best for end-users who expect the best, and live a culture of excellence. Our corporate history is full of innovations and pioneering achievements. They are the foundation and ongoing stimulus for our claim to leadership in the Polyurethane Foam & Spring Mattress industry.

– PT. Bestari Mulia.



Becoming the market leader in polyurethane foam and innerspring mattress manufacturer for the domestic market by improving both products and service level while significantly reducing the environmental impact throughout the production process


1. Creating high quality products with competitive prices.
2. Providing costumers with proper product education.
3. Rendering costumers with the ultimate satisfactory service level.